her restless paper heart

her restless paper heart the potionmistress

More from Monday afternoon’s shoot! I especially like the details in the photo on the right, and how well the colors work together. The teacup is Temporama, one of six of an eBay purchase that’s been sitting in my cupboard and waiting patiently to be used for something fun. The bottles are the same ones I purchased a few months ago at an antiques/thrift store–they’re filled with Lipton tea. And I spent an hour or so punching tiny paper hearts out of cardstock, giving myself blisters in the process–oh, the things I do for art!

2 thoughts on “her restless paper heart

    1. Thank you much! And those are actually paper hearts over her eyes (with the idea they’d resemble coins), although that didn’t come through in the shot–bummer!

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