bang bang

walking in a winter wonderland

First, Hannah is a SAINT for putting up with the cold, the snow, the laying down in the snow and not moving for long minutes while I attempted to work fast on frozen legs, and for sacrificing her afternoon to play human popsicle, aka model. I can’t say it enough, but the women who model for me are amazing for doing what they do!I went into the day with a long list of concepts to try, but as usual, nature had its own plans. Instead of trying every possible angle and idea, the shoot became about doing as much as possible very quickly, in short bursts… all with the intention of avoiding frostbite. I didn’t get to tackle as many different poses or props as I planned, but I’m so happy with what I did get that it doesn’t matter.There are a few from this set that I’m completely enamored with. I’ll upload more over the next few days.(And you’ll all be happy to know that I can feel my legs again! Yippee!)

Second, I love love love the new camera! This was my first time using it for an “active” shoot. Every shot seems crisper, details look more distinct… I’m sure most of that is finally having a camera with a clean sensor (hah), but I also think the larger resolution makes a difference. The image processing time is also much faster (something you really notice when you’re shooting multiple images very fast… like when your friend is laying in the snow and you’re trying to get the perfect shot before her lips are turn blue…), and it helps that part of Tim’s gift was an 8 gig memory card, so I don’t have to worry about deleting photos as I go to save space.

I think that wraps up the year for photos, and I will say, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. It probably seems like relatively little on the surface, but at this time last year I had no desire to touch a camera at all… frankly, anything is an improvement over that!

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