the last one

the last one
The other day I took all that extra energy and went out in the woods to play with my camera a bit. You can see more photos at my Flickr! I picked up this Gunne Sax dress at the Goodwill on Friday when I was out with Susan… I have a feeling it will get a lot of use over the coming months. Spring has inspired me!

This evening I spent some time under the deck, sorting through my garden stuff so I’ll be ready to plant flower pots in a few weeks. Yes, She of the Black Thumb will attempt to grow flowers this summer. I managed to do it a few years ago without many problems, and this year I have lots more space to work with.

I’ve been so caught up in other things this week that I almost didn’t realize that between my two shops, I made my 100th sale today! Yay!

10 thoughts on “the last one

  1. Ah, the words Gunne Sax bring me back to my 8th grade graduation and the enormous pride I had in my Gunne Sax graduation dress (light blue, cap sleeves, really narrow waist that fit like a glove.)

    I’m overcoming my fear of gardening myself this year and find that I’m actually enjoying it and slowly gaining some confidence.

    Congrats on your 100th sale!

  2. Love the dress..I am a lousy gardener also..Good my husband takes care of the garden..I try and try, but for some reason, the weeds get the best of it.

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