Holy crap! My stock agency e-mailed me this morning to tell me I’d sold a few photographs. I was surprised, considering I hadn’t actually sold anything through them before, and I was feeling kinda dejected about the whole stock thing, to tell you the truth. I was beginning to think my stuff was not worthy of publication outside my own little realm, which consists mainly of Etsy and smaller, independent art magazines that can’t afford to pay.

Thinking it would be $50 or so, I opened the attached statement and was shocked (quite literally–I nearly screamed out loud) to discover a payment amount exceeding $1200. That includes payment for two book covers (!) and four smaller European publications.

Book covers! I’m on book covers! Actually, my brother is on book covers, to be more accurate. Both books used images of him from the impromptu photo shoot we did in December of 2003. One of the books hasn’t been released yet, but the cover looks just as fantastic as this one, which was designed by Ervin Sorranno (the bottom photo is by Dennis Cohadon). I’m very impressed with the way they used the work. The overall effect is wonderfully eerie.

I’m floored. I’ve been walking around all day in a giddy fog. I have no idea what we’ll do with the money yet. Most likely it will have to go back into my business in some form or another. I have been eying a new iMac! Or we may include my office as part of our upcoming home renovations and re-do the floors in there, such that a portion of the cost will qualify as business expenses. The Scrooge in me is screaming to put it into savings and leave it there. I just don’t know!

What’s really funny? Tim saw this book reviewed several days ago on one of his favorite blogs, and didn’t recognize the photo. Silly goose!

This actually isn’t the surprise I was telling you about in my last entry, but it’s pretty damn good as far as surprises go.

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  1. SUPER KEEN!!! And I love the Publisher’s Weekly review on the Amazon page. “This book has no literary merit whatsoever” in the middle of an otherwise glowing review made me laugh out loud. 😀

  2. So when are you going to quite your day job and start taking photo’s for a living?

    Your stuff is good! I’m glad ‘other’ folks are starting to realize this!

  3. [dangit! this is my second attempt.]

    Arcangel is wonderful for coming out of the blue to plop down over a grand in your lap. It’s annoying, because it would be nice to know *something* is going on over there, but also nice to wake up to something like that waiting for you with no warning. And since they always seem to send me mine when i need it most, i won’t complain. [Too much.]

    Anyways, congrats! It does look great. [I haven’t been too happy with all mine, but ah well. One especially i’d like to say “the photographer is not responsible for this looking like poo”.]

    And here’s to more where this came from! [And this actually posting this time!]

  4. [p.s. and i love that our upload folders are next too eachother. that’s probably weird, but whatever. you can’t escape me! mwah-ha-ha-ha!]

  5. congratulations to you! you take great photographs and it’s great that other people acknowledge and reward you for your talents. keep it up! 🙂

  6. So i actually clicked through from lj, thats really awsome, congratulations. Stunning awsome in fact.

  7. Hi Caroline,
    Congratulations! I had read about your great news in the etsy forums the other day…didn’t know you had a blog…thanks for posting on mine…and I will visit you again

    Congratulations once again!

  8. As I scrolled down, the first person I thought of on that cover was Julio, and of course it was!
    You know, Ethan will be celebrating his fisrt b-day at the end of the month. Crazy, huh? Call us sometime. Love ya guys(and gals).

  9. Hey Caroline, that is FAN-TASTIC!!! And the cover looks great!
    I hope we’ll be seeing many more covers with your photographs on them.

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