the teapot stalker

the teapot stalker

the teapot stalker

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Oh, dear Internets, it was a crazy weekend. Even Monday Morning Syndrome is preferable to such drama, the likes of which a Sunday should never see. No one should ever wake me up before 8 on a Sunday morning unless someone I love is missing or dead, and this was a case of the former. Thankfully it was a false alarm, but so many hours of worrying takes its toll… I’m beat.

On a happier note, the weekend before last was Photo Shoot Weekend! And I was almost entirely unprepared!

Solution: Take every photo shoot prop I own from my closet, drag everything (with help from Hannah, the wonderful model) to one of the local parks, and just play it by ear. This technique usually doesn’t work to my advantage… I’m a bit on the, err, anal retentive side. And I’m picky. And anxious. Did I mention anal?

It’s probably appropriate that I am so, because I totally pulled this one outta you-know-where. It’s all good, and I loved what came from it… love love. Once again, the photos may or may not be spoken for, so I can’t reveal the whole shoot just yet. Too bad, so sad.

Oh, and once again, I’m the owner of one of those dreadful cell phone things. I don’t know quite how this happened, but there you have it. It’s shiny, it’s pink, and it plays a Joshua Radin ring tone (“Closer”, for the nosy), so I forgive it… for now. And I promise to practice common cell phone courtesy.

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