shameless self-promotion

Once in a while, people publish my stuff, and that feels nice.

You can find my photos in the latest editions of:
Milk Bar Magazine
F-Stop Magazine

My Etsy shop has also been highlighted in the latest issue of Designer Scoop, by Smitherman and Barnwell.

I’ve also submitted a photo to JPG Magazine, and you can vote for it if you like. Please? I cannot promise sexual favors, but you will have my gratitude, which is worth millions in the respective currencies of yet-to-be-discovered foreign lands, I’m sure.

The theme is Dreamscapes, and the photo in question is this:

One thought on “shameless self-promotion

  1. Very funny!, what an honor for you. I do actually like you photo. I have alway wanted to take up photography…You really need to have an eye for it, You do! I always seem to get my thumb in the Well, see ya.

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